We are experts in process engineering, plant performance and programming. We have developed proprietary software for power plant design. Related services:

  • Heat and mass balances design and optimisation
  • Performance test and audit
  • Guarantees of production, availability, ...
  • Predictive production models IPPs
  • Thermo-economic analysis
  • Plants hybridisation
  • Correction curves and offdesign simulation
  • Digital twin

Digital twin

Simulation of plants and continuous remote monitoring to contrast the overall performance of the plant (and individualised by equipment) for early operational problems diagnosis and assets management and planning improvement.

  • Objective detection of underperformance problems
  • Root cause analysis
  • Improvement of plant availability and performance
  • Warranty and maintenance planning
  • O&M and OEM management
  • Extending asset lifecycle
  • Business model improvements
  • Detailed analysis, reporting and graphical diagnostics